Sunday, February 8, 2009

Same Taste For Less! ~ Part 3

Group 1:

Philosophy S-S Ruffle Hem Dress; 15$

ELLE Classic Scrunch Leggings; 5$

DKNY Sling-Back Sandals; 9$

Bisou Beret; 4$

Total Price: 33$

Group 2:

Vivienne Tam Quilted Nylon Dress; 7$

Rio Tina Leggings; 4$

Tingeling Strappy Wedge Sandals; 4$

Bisou Knitted Beret; 3$

Total Price: 18$

Save 15$!

I'll Be Taking Interviews For My Blog

Yeah... This blog isn't really that exciting. I'll probably need some interviews to make it more interesting. If you're interested, contact me through stardoll.
Thanks! [:

What's The Deal With Hifof?

Okay, remember about 7 months ago, when she was extremely popular? Well, yeah, she deleted her account... and everyone basically forgot about her. A few months later, she reactivated her account, which was pretty recently. Now, I just noticed that she deleted it...AGAIN.
Does anyone have any info on this? If you do, post it in the comments. :]


Same Taste For Less! ~ Part 2

Group 1:

DKNY Heart Bustier Top; 8$

Philosophy Hidden Placket Coat; 18$

DKNY Seasonless Miniskirt Black; 8$

ELLE Classic Skinny Jeans; 7$

Philosophy Satin Lace-Up Stiletto Boots; 12$

Total Price: 53$

Group 2:

Stardoll Polo T-shirt; 5$

Stardoll Boyfriend Jacket; 5$

Stardoll Wrap Skirt; 5$

ELLE Classic Scrunch Leggings; 5$

Decades Lace-up Ankle Boots; 4$

Total Price: 24$

Save 29$!

Can you believe it? Those pairs of shoes look almost EXACTLY the same, and one costs 8$ more!


Same Taste For Less!

Group 1:

ELLE Emerald Puffball Dress; 10$

Rio Hilary Handbag; 5$

Fallen Angel Skinny Trousers; 6$

DKNY Indigo Sneaker Pumps; 7$

Total Price: 28$

Group 2:

DKNY Sequin Jumper Dress; 8$

Voile Black and White Handbag; 1$

ELLE Classic Scrunch Leggings; 5$

Rio Boots; 4$

Total Price: 18$

Save 10$!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

More spoilers!


Group 1: [yellow corset] [yellow and black spotted dress]

Group 2: [blue heels] [yellow and white heels] [long black vest] [light green dress] [blue and yellow scarf] [yellow scarf] [blue sash] [black sash] [yellow sash] [blue skirt] [blue dress] [blue and yellow striped tank] [blue, yellow, and gray high-top heels] [white high-top heels] [black skirt]

Group 3: [orange striped dress] [orange, black, and blue long top]

Group 4: [yellow dress] [white hat] [colorful long-sleeved shirt]

Group 5: [yellow, white, and black patterned dress] [black bracelets]

Group 6: [white flowery shirt] [green shorts] [frayed denim shorts] [gray shorts] [black and pink rose belt] [pink and brown shoulder bag] [red rose] [pink rose] [red open-toed heels] [floral denim shorts]

Group 7: [pink tights] [strapless pink and red flowery dress with black stripes] [white top with red roses] [purple shoulder bag]

DKNY: [Black DKNY top with text “DKNY”]

Limited Edition: [LE] [diamond necklace] [black top with purple polka dots] [black tank] [black long-sleeved top]

Misc.: [beige open-toed shoes] [black roses shirt; think I mentioned it earlier too] [long maroon dress] [brown boots]

Hair Color: [ash blonde] [pink] [white] [brown] [blonde] [purple]

Wow, the swf files end there… I’ll keep trying to figure out more anyway. See you soon!

More Spoilers!

Animals: [Chinese crested]


Group 1: [brown and gold sequined dress]

Group 2: [blue top] [brown high-tops with orange laces] [blue jeans] [gray skirt] [blue and red striped shirt] [gray tee] [brown shoes] [blue shoes]

Group 3: [gray patterned long vest] [short blue dress]

Group 4: [colorful long-sleeved dress] [bright blue skirt] [green and yellow strapless dress] [teal and blue cut-off top] [blue and yellow long-sleeved dress] [blue and black tank]

Group 5: [Beach?] [winding sandals] [yellow hat] [beach bag]

Group 6: [red, black, and white high-heels] [colorful heels]

Confessions of a Shopaholic: [pink shirt with text “confessions of a Shopaholic”]


Group 1: [seafoam-colored earrings] [seafoam-colored bracelet] [seafoam-colored bracelet 2] [seafoam-colored and black necklace]

Hair Coloring: [dark brown] [teal] [light brown] [highlight, teal] [highlight, brown] [highlight, orange]


Group 1: [African?] [colorful table] [colorful rug] [colorful cabinet]

Group 2: [brown guitar] [brown mirror] [saxophone] [winding staircase] [tambourine] [trumpet]

Group 3: [colorful chair] [colorful couch] [beach picture]

More to come!